Customer Service

In addition to our beautiful jewellery, we're offering you our great customer service during and after your visit.
Take your time to view our collections. Feel free to try on everything you like and ask any questions.
With your purchase we'll provide you with our Guarantee certificate. 
Enjoy your beautiful and original piece of art. If you have any concern after your purchase, Feel free to contact us or visit us again in our Kelowna store.

Guarantee / Return / Exchange Policy    

Our aim is to provide you with a high quality jewel created by hand with the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Still, every now and then 'Accidents' happen. In a case like that, Just contact us or visit us in the store, and we'll resolve the issue to your satisfaction.
If a minor repair is needed, we'll provide it free of charge.
After your purchase you may exchange your jewellery (For one time only !) within 15 days of the purchase date, or return it for a store credit only, valid for up to six (6) months.
The piece/s must be in pristine condition and accompanied by our Guarantee certificate and / or by the purchase receipt. When exchanging or using a store credit for another piece, the diffeence will be calculated based on original price of the exchanged item/s, regardless of any current sale or promotion.

Custom Orders   

In some cases (not always) a jewellery piece can be re-ordered with a different gemstone, or even in a different metal.
For instance - A ring showing with Amethyst can be ordered with Garnet or any other stone based on availability.
A bracelet made in Silver can be ordered in Gold and the other way around. Prices may change accordingly.
Most rings (again - not always) can be also ordered in a different size or be sized. Prices may apply accordingly.

Gift Certificate / GIFT CARD 

Available for any amount you choose.
You can purchase them in the store, or it can be mailed to your address.
If you'd like to purchase a G.C. as a gift for someone and have us mail it to the recipient, Please contact us and provide us the details needed : Name, Address and so on.
We'll be happy to do it and attach a card on your behalf.
Our G.C's don't have an expiry date.

Loyal & Repeating Customers

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of meeting and serving some really nice people. Locals and tourists.
The most pleasing thing for every store, and especially to us as a small family store, Is to see familiar faces coming back.
Every customer and every visit is precious to us. As times goes by, and we're noticing those that are coming back to us again and again, that is when we're pulling some really great treats as a thank you gratitude. 
So... Thank you dear friends, and you're welcome to spread the word about us among family and friends.


Over the years we were fortunate to meet many nice people from Kelowna, other places in BC and tourists from all over the world. We always like to get their feedback about our jewellery and our service.

We welcome you to comment about our jewellery, our service, or on any other issue concerning us and our store / website.

Just call or e-mail us anytime. You can use our social media - Facebook.